majorbehavior is a boutique agency determined to move the ad model from interruption to engagement through the use of consumer data and behavioral insight.

Our goal is to use data, technology and design to create brand experiences that reach people in a specific, useful way at a relevant time and place.

We create content people crave, ecosystems they inhabit and utility they can’t live without.


School is so much more than class. It's showing off and the beginning of becoming who we really want to be.


TWENTY-NINE highly targeted and shoppable pieces of content varying from 30 seconds to 6 seconds created for Broadcast, OLV, FB, IG, IG Stories, and SnapChat Stories.


SHOPPABLE SOCIAL CONTENT drives to where we see the same cast, making a connection to the characters and the clothes.


IN-STORE DISPLAY: Cast members featured in video content appear again at point-of-sale.