The launch of unique pop-up marketplace. Giving e-commerce brands a chance for their customers to touch, feel and try on.


From logo design to site design, from name exploration to copy and content Major Behavior partnered with Macy’s throughout the entire user experience journey.


Social listening
identified the
emergence of the hashtag #hangry.

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Created w/team @R/GA

Neuroscience confirmed the link between hunger and a sour mood. Plus we found when people are hangry, the food most talked about on social is pizza. 


gemvara: creating
aN ecosystem
of inspiration,
and ecommerce.

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Created w/team @R/GA

Data supported that "millennials aren’t buying diamonds”. A recommendation from a peer online about a product has more influence than a banner ad. And earned media thrives on channels alive with consumer engagement. The combination lead to this ecommerce brand grabbing major attention. 


A&F: Building a shoppable experience
inspired by
daily habits. 

Created w/team @R/GA

The phone is the centerpiece of a teenager's morning ritual: wake me, show me the weather, suggest an outfit, and let me post what I’ll be wearing. All before breakfast. 


Data Shows most
female victims of
intimate partner
violence were previously victimized by the same offender.

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Behavioral insight and empathy lead to a breakthrough execution shared around the world. Reactions included, "The most powerful domestic violence awareness advertising I've ever seen”, “So simple. Nothing else needs to be said. For one brief bloody minute, advertising serves a purpose in the world.”